Personal Information

Medina-Bonduelle (Medina-Gonzalez) Yaocihuatl - Post-Doctoral Researcher

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires - Université Bordeaux 1


Bâtiment A12, 351 cours de la libération

33405 TALENCE cedex

Floor 3 - Door 315

TEL : +33 (0)7 86 50 26 90


Mail : yaocihuatl.medinagonzalez(at)

Research Interest

Supercritical fluids
Green chemistry
Green engineering
Green solvents
Gas Expanded Solvents
Biphasic reactions

Publications & Contributions

1. Effect of Internal coagulant on structure of PVDF hollow fibre membranes, Medina- Gonzalez Y., Lasseuguette, E., Rouch J. C., Remigy J. C. Sep. Sci. & Technol (2012) Accepted
2. Growing TiO2 Nanowires on the Surface of Graphene Sheets in Supercritical CO2: Characterization and Photoefficiency, Nasrin Farhangi, Yaocihuatl Medina-Gonzalez, Rajib Roy Chowdhury, and Paul A. Charpentier, Nanotechnology (2012) Accepted.
3. Comparing the effect of utilization of ethyl heptanoate as co-solvent during extraction of essential oil of Inula helenium in a hydrodistillation process, L. Hernandez-Ochoa, G. Vilarem, Z. Mouloungui and Y. Medina-Gonzalez, Chem. Nat. Prod. (2012), 47, 6, 995-997.
4. Cellulosic materials as biopolymers and supercritical CO2 as green process: chemistry and applications, Yaocihuatl Medina-Gonzalez, Severine Camy, Jean-Stéphane Condoret, Int. J. Sust. Eng. (2011).
5. Visible light active Fe doped TiO2 nanowires grown on Graphene using Supercritical CO2, Nasrin Farhangi, Rajib Roy Chowdhury, Yaocihuatl Medina-Gonzalez, Madhumita B. Ray, Paul A. Charpentier, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, (2011), 110 25-32
6. CdS and CdTeS quantum dots – TiO2 nanowires assemblies for photovoltaic applications, Yaocihuatl Medina-Gonzalez, William Z Xu, Bo Chen, Nasrin Farhanghi, and Paul Charpentier, Nanotechnology. 22 (2011) 65603.
7. Sonication assisted preparation of pristine MWCNT-Polysulfone conductive microporous membranes, Y. Medina-Gonzalez, J-C. Remigy, Materials Letters 65 (2011) 229-232.
8. Study of an innovative gas-liquid contactor for CO2 absorption, A. Chabanon, C. Bouallou, J.C.Remigy, E. Lasseuguette, Y. Medina-Gonzalez, E. Favre, P.T. Nguyen, D. Roizard, Energy Procedia, 4, (2011), 1769-1776.
9. A dense membrane contactor for intensified CO2 gas/liquid absorption in post- combustion capture, E. Favre, Phuc Tien Nguyen, E. Lasseuguette, Y. Medina-Gonzalez, J- C Remigy, D. Roizard, J. Membr. Science, 377 (2011) 261-272.
10. Towards Green Membranes: preparation of cellulose acetate ultrafiltration membranes using methyl lactate as biosolvent, Medina Gonzalez, Y., Lahitte, J. F., Aimar, P., Remigy, J-C. International Journal of Sustainable Engineering, (2011) 4 (1) 75-83.
11. Zr doping on One dimensional titania nanomaterials synthesized in supercritical CO2, R. A. Lucky, Y. Medina-Gonzalez, P. A. Charpentier. Langmuir, (2010) 26 (24) 19014-19021.
12. Fatty acid methyl esters as biosolvents of epoxy resins: A Physicochemical study, Y. Medina-Gonzalez, S. Thiebaud-Roux, P. de Caro, C. Lacaze-Dufaure. J. Sol. Chem. 36 (2007) 437-446.
13. Supercritical CO2 – fatty acid esters and supercritical CO2 – multipolar systems, the role of coadditive on epoxy resin prepolymers solubilization, Medina- Gonzalez, Y., Thiebaud-Roux, S., De-Caro, P., Hernandez-Ochoa, L., Mouloungui, Z, J. of Supercritical Fluids, 38 (2006) 13-17.
14. Dimerization of isobutene over nickel-exchanged zeolites to obtain isooctane, Medina-Gonzalez, Y., Alcaraz Cienfuegos, J., Hernandez Luna, M., Cat. Lett. Vol. 110 (2006) 107-113.

Medina-Bonduelle (Medina-Gonzalez) Yaocihuatl