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DAUGEY Nicolas - CNRS Engineer

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires - Université Bordeaux 1


Bâtiment A12, 351 cours de la libération

33405 TALENCE cedex

Floor 3 - Door 3S05

TEL : 33 (0)5 40 00 22 44

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Research Interest

Raman Optical Activity
Optical calculation for spectroscopy of thin layers
Quantum chemical calculation

Congress organisation and webmaster

Publications & Contributions

PhD 1995
Contribution to the study of the dynamics of the reactions N + CH -> CN + H and N + C2 -> CN + C.

1. G. Dorthe, Ph. Caubet, N. Daugey, M.T. Rayez, J.C. Rayez, Ph. Halvick, P. Millié and B. Levy.
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3. N. Daugey, A. Bergeat, Ph. Caubet, A. Schuck and G. Dorthe.
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7. A. Boyd, P.M. Flaud, N. Daugey, R. Lesclaux,
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11. C. Naulin, N. Daugey, K. Hickson and M. Costes
Dynamics of the Reactions of C(3PJ) Atoms with Ethylene, Allene, and Methylacetylene at Low Energy Revealed by Doppler−Fizeau Spectroscopy
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A,2009, 113 (52), 14447 - DOI: 10.1021/jp9038545

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14. M. Boulet-Audet, T. Buffeteau, S. Boudreault, N. Daugey, M. Pézolet
Quantitative Determination of Band Distortions in Diamond Attenuated Total Reflectance Infrared Spectra
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B, May 27, 2010, DOI: 10.1021/jp101763y

15. C. Uncuta, E. Bartha, D. Gherase, F. Teodorescu, C. Draghici, D. Cavagnat, N. Daugey, D. Liotard, T. Buffeteau, Conformational equilibria of TADDOL-s in solution investigated by vibrational circular dichroism (p NA
Chirality Published Online: Mar 16 2010 2:28PM, DOI: 10.1002/chir.20829

16. Michael A. Ramin, Gwenaelle Le Bourdon, Nicolas Daugey, Bernard Bennetau, Luc Vellutini and Thierry Buffeteau*
PM-IRRAS Investigation of Self-Assembled Monolayers Grafted onto SiO2/Au Substrates
Langmuir, 2011, 27 (10), pp 6076–6084, DOI: 10.1021/la2006293

17. Enora Prado, Nicolas Daugey, Sébastien Plumet, Laurent Servant and Sophie Lecomte*,
Quantitative label-free RNA detection using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Chem. Commun., 2011, Advance Article DOI: 10.1039/C1CC11925G

DAUGEY Nicolas