Personal Information

SOBANSKA Sophie - CNRS Researcher

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires - Université Bordeaux 1


Bâtiment A12, 351 cours de la libération

33405 TALENCE cedex

Floor 4 (West) - Door B11 (4S07)

TEL : +33(0)540003188


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Research Interest

Atmospheric chemistry
Single particle analysis
(photo)reactivity of unique atmospheric particles
Foliar transfer of particulate matter
Nuclear safety

Publications & Contributions

Single-particle analysis of industrial emissions brings new insights for health risk assessment of PM
V. Dappe, G. Uzu, E. Schreck, Li Wu, Xue Li, M. Moreau, B. Hanoune, C. Dumat, Chul-Un Ro, S. Sobanska, Atmospheric Pollution Research, in press

Influence of Collecting Substrates on the Raman Imaging of Aerosol Particles
G. Falgayrac, D. Siepka, E. A. Stefaniak, S. Sobanska, Analytica Chemica Acta, 2018, 1014, 41-49.

The fate of Cu pesticides in vineyard soils: A case study using δ65Cu isotope ratios and EPR analysis
Blotevogel, Simon; Oliva, Priscia; Sobanska, Sophie; Viers, Jerome; Vezin, Hervé; Audry, Stéphane; Prunier, Jonathan; Darrozes, José; Orgogozo, Laurent; Courjault-Radé, Pierre; Schreck, Eva, Chemical Geology, 2018, 477, 35-46.

Combining Raman microspectrometry and chemometrics for determining quantitative molecular composition and mixing state of atmospheric aerosol
Damian Siepka, Gaelle Uzu, Elzbieta Stefaniak, Sophie Sobanska. Microchemical Journal, 2018, 137, 119-130

Photochemistry of unique atmospheric particle using acoustic levitation technique coupled with Raman microspectrometry
Y. A. Tobon, Y, S. Seng, A. L. Picone, Y. B. Bava, L. C. Juncal, M. Moreau, R. M. Romano, J. Barbillat, and S. Sobanska, , 2017, Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 48, (8), 1135-1137.

Gas-phase and Matrix-isolation Photochemistry of Methyl Thioglycolate, CH3OC(O)CH2SH: Influence of the Presence of Molecular Oxygen in the Photochemical Mechanisms
Bava, Yanina; Tamone, Luciana; Juncal, Luciana; Seng, Samantha; Tobon, Yeny; Sobanska, Sophie; Picone, Andrea; Romano, Rosana, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry, 2017, 344, 101-107.

Foliar uptake and phytotoxicity of copper oxide nanoparticles and consequences for sustainable urban agricultures
TianTian Xiong, Sophie Sobanska, Vincent Dappe, Antoine Pierart, Hervé Vezin, Eva Schreck, Muhammad Shahid, Camille Dumat, Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 51(9), 5242–5251.

Experimental and theoretical investigation on conformational and spectroscopic properties of dimethyl dithiodiglycolate, [CH3OC(O)CH2S]2
Luciana C. Juncal, Yanina B. Bava, Luciana M. Tamone, Samantha Seng, Yeny A. Tobón C., Sophie Sobanska, A. Lorena Picone, Rosana M. Romano, Journal of Molecular Structure, 2017, 1137, 524-529.

Experimental and theoretical IR study of methyl thioglycolate, CH3OC(O)CH2SH, in different phases: evidence of a dimer formation
Bava, Yanina; Tamone, Luciana; Juncal, Luciana; Seng, Samantha; Tobon, Yeny; Sobanska, Sophie; Picone, Andrea; Romano, Rosana, Journal of Molecular Structure, 2017, 1139, 160-165.

Chimie et environnement
S. Sobanska, G. Billon, P. Coddeville, J.P. Cornard, P. Desgroux, et al.. . L'Actualité Chimique, 2017, 420, pp.23 - 28. 〈hal-01586682〉