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DESMEDT Arnaud (Head of the Molecular Spectroscopy Group) - CNRS Researcher

Institut des Sciences Moléculaires - Université Bordeaux 1


Bâtiment A12, 351 cours de la libération

33405 TALENCE cedex

Floor 4

TEL : +33 (0)5 4000 2937

FAX : +33 (0)5 4000 6994

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Research Interest

Clathrates hydrates. Functionalities and dynamics.
Raman spectroscopy, Neutron scattering, Numerical modelling and Simulations.

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Publications & Contributions

Modifying the Flexibility of Water Cages by Co-Including Acidic Species within Clathrate Hydrate.
A. Desmedt, L. Martin-Gondre, T.T. Nguyen, C. Petuya, L. Barandiaran, O. Babot, T. Toupance, R. G. Grim, A.K. Sum, J. Phys. Chem. C 119 (2015) 8904-8911

Proton Diffusion in the Hexafluorophosphoric Acid Clathrate Hydrate.
L. Bedouret, P. Judeinstein, J. Ollivier, J. Combet, and A. Desmedt, J. Phys. Chem. B 118 (2014) 13357−13364

Hydronium dynamics in the perchloric acid clathrate hydrate.
A. Desmedt, R.E. Lechner, J.C. Lassègues, F. Guillaume, D. Cavagnat, J. Grondin, Solid State Ionics, 252 (2013) 19-25

Energy landscape of Clathrate Hydrates
A. Desmedt, L. Bedouret, E. Pefoute, M. Pouvreau, S. Say-Liang-Fat, M. Alvarez, Eur. Phys. J. Special Topics 213 (2012) 103-127

Dynamics of Methyl Iodide Clathrate Hydrate, Investigated by MD Simulations and QENS Experiments
A. Desmedt, J.C. Soetens, M. Prager, M. Russina, J. Ollivier, J. Phys. Chem. C 115(26) (2011) 12689

DESMEDT Arnaud (Head of the Molecular Spectroscopy Group)