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PhD Defense Enora Prado

!! Bravo ENORA !!!

Title: Détection de l’ADN par spectrométrie de diffusion Raman exaltée de surface couplée à la microfluidique

Date: 10-11-2011

This work deals with the development of an original label-free method for free bases proportions detection and quantification of nucleic acids. The surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) allowed obtaining the specific spectral signature of characteristic nucleotides of RNA (adenosine, cytosine, guanosine and uridine), using silver colloids as SERS substrate and MgCl2 addition as aggregating agent. Then, the condition detection have optimizing to establish a label-free quantification protocol of free nucleobases proportion by SERS spectroscopy. The detection limits obtained are order of few picomoles. The reproducibility improvement of SERS detection requires the precise control of time reaction (adsorption and aggregation), which could be control thanks to microfluidic chips use. We have implemented two different microfluidic chips, one based on single-phase flows and one other based on droplets generation. The analyzed species are containing in droplets, allowing in situ detection by spectroscopy SERS of various nucleotides.

Tous droits reserves, Laboratoire ISM, Universite de Bordeaux.