Spectroscopy Facility

AFM Imaging

Participants: C. Belin





Our platform posses two complementary apparatus:  Autoprobe CP-Research (Thermomicroscope) and Agilent 5500 AFM.

In both cases :
        -One scanner 90X90µm
        -One scanner 5x5 µm for high resolution
        -One coupled optical microscope

Autoprobe CP-Research :


-Fixed AFM tip , samples on X,Y,Z piezoelectric-displacement.

—> very well adapted for high resolution imaging.

Agilent 5500 AFM :


-fixed sample, AFM tip linked to the X,Y,Z piezoelectric displacement.
-Controled temperature (25-250°C)
-controled atmosphere.
-Special cell for measurements in liquid.


In addition to the classical topographic imaging, special options permit to probe mechanical, chemical, magnetic and electrical properties.

Tous droits reserves, Laboratoire ISM, Universite de Bordeaux.