Our Research Themes

Chemistry for sustainable Development

The goal of this research theme concerns the understanding of solvation in fluid media (supercritical fluids, ionic liquids, supramolecular chiral sytems) and chemical reactions (catalysis for CO2 capture and valorisation) that are relevant in the field of sustainable chemistry.

Materials & Nanomaterials

One of the major research theme of the Molecular Spectroscopy Group concerns synthesis and characterization of new materials, nano materials and molecular structure with specific properties in various domains.

Nanoporous and low dimensional materials

Development in Spectroscopy

The priority of GSM is to be a centre of excellence in vibrational spectroscopy, such an objective is based on a constant research activity in the development of new techniques and theoretical approaches targeting numeral aspects of material science, chemistry and physical chemistry.








Energy & Engineering

Research Theme under construction

Research Theme under construction

Natural Systems

Research Theme under construction